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Please call 09 6267511 to book or just pop in.

Welcome to our clinic

All our enrolled patients can book an appointment online here or by calling our reception at 09 626 7511. If you need to phone reception, please be aware that our phones are very busy so please bear with us. Please note that we do not accept walk-in patients.

If you need prescriptions, please request these through our online system here

If you have symptoms of cough, sore throat, runny nose, loss of sense of smell or shortness of breath, please do a RAT test first before calling for an appointment.


We strive to identify equity as it is not only avoidable but unfair and unjust. Equity recognises different people with different levels of advantage require different approaches and resources to get equitable health outcomes.

Cultural sensitivity

We ensure that our team approach and awareness of cultural diversity and the ability to function effectively and respectfully when working with and treating people of different cultural backgrounds. Acknowledging that every person is unique, and ensuring kindness is portray with empathy to all patients.

Visit us

We are open 9.00AM to 5.00 PM, Monday to Friday.

During after hours, please visit any urgent care medical centre nearby. Our nearest 24/7 urgent care medical centre is White Cross Healthcare in Henderson.

If you have a medical emergency or if you are acutely unwell, please DIAL 111.

Cervical Screening

Why have regular screening tests?

If you’re between 25 and 69 and have ever been sexually active, you should have regular three-yearly screening tests. Find out how regular screening can prevent cervical cancer, and get more information on cervical cancer and how it develops.


Please immunise and protect yourself, your whānau, and your community.

Immunisation saves lives. As well as protecting yourself from dangerous diseases, getting your tamariki vaccinated is one of the best ways to set them up for a healthy future. Lots of vaccines in New Zealand are free.

Minor accidents and wound care:

Are you injured?

As an accredited ACC provider, we are able to provide assistance for most minor injuries and accidents under ACC.
We can organise appropriate specialist review, in private, if ACC criteria are satisfied.
Our nurses work closely with doctors and they can provide advice in all aspects of patient care and wound care.

Well Child/Tamariki Ora Health Checks

Between the ages of 6 weeks and three years, there are seven core health checks available. Along with the usual Plunket visits, we provide health checks and immunisation for babies typically at 6 weeks, 3 months and five months. We also provide further health checks as needed. These checks are done to make sure that kids are growing and developing well. Our team is experienced with children and our nurses are trained in immunisations.

notice - please check our bank details

Please make note of the bank account number for New Windsor Medical centre.

We have noted that
some of our patients are still paying to a bank account number
that does not belong to New Windsor Medical centre.

Please make sure you are using the account number below for making your payments online.

our bank Account No :
account name :
focus healthcare ltd.
reference :
patient name

Please note - the above account detail should not be used for Immigration Medicals. We request you to use the bank account details given in the Immigration page of our website.